2019 Programs and Panel Discussions


Meditation in the Mediterranean Sea

Each morning we received a Jump Start with curated Meditation in the Mediterranean Sea!

Caroline Hunter, leader of the "Polar Bears" of Inkwell Beach - Martha's Vineyard led the daily session each morning at 8:00 am!  

The inaugural class of 

"Polar Bears" at Inkwell Beach - Cannes had 30 members from 5 different countries! 

Polar Bear Exercise Circle at the Inkwell Beach on Martha’s Vineyard is a historic group started in 1946 by a group of young African American workers who swam at the Inkwell Beach at 7:30 AM daily because that was the only time they could get to the beach. 



Cannes Can: Diversity Collective’s Daily “Isms”.

Hosted By Oberland Each day at Inkwell Beach - Cannes, OBERLAND Co-Founder and ECD Bill Oberlander kicked off the morning of content by looking at an “ism” (Racism, Heterosexism, Sexism, Ageism, Tokenism) that plagues the advertising industry.  A panel of subject matter experts shared  with riveting feedback on issues and solutions for each issue. Following each daily discussion, Glenn Singleton and Marcus Moore of Courageous Conversations did an interactive wrap up with audience members.


C-Suite Conversations

The C-Suite Engagement Stage was a 2-hour daily block (10:00 am – 12:00 noon) of programming specifically dedicated for C-Suite Executives to discuss the most pressing issues that agencies and brands face and more!  


Flava of it ALL

One of the earliest forms of creativity began with making delicious meals that included influences from various cultures from all over the world. The “Flava of it All Culinary Creativity”  celebrated the combining of culture staples from the African Diaspora, France, Spain and America.

Each day the chefs from the TV show "Southern Chefs" lead a discussion and prepared a culinary experience that delegates will never forget. 


Trending Topics

Trending Topics Series was a 3-hour daily block (2:00 pm – 5:00 pm) of programming that featured a variety of subject matter experts including A-List celebrities from diverse backgrounds who provided delegates with insight on the direction on major topics including fashion, music, technology, social issues and more!


Daily Culturural Update

The CC:DC Daily Cultural Update was a daily update of everything culturally relevant that inspired us at Cannes Lions and more specifically at the Inkwell Beach.  The Daily Cultural Update streamed live everyday at 5:00 pm on CC:DC’s Inkwell Beach - Cannes Facebook Page for the creative world to gain insight on what happened at Cannes Lion and the Inkwell Beach - Cannes that day.  The briefing was fast-paced, informative and will inspired everyone to “Stay Woke” regarding the next culture and creative trends being set around the world!

The Daily Cultural Update was Co-hosted by April Reign, activist and creator of #OscarsSoWhite, and a CC:DC Ambassador Chelsea St. Clair. To help guide the conversation, we had a rotating panel of CC:DC Ambassadors that provided daily insights for the conversation.